Diablo 3 Official Release Date: May 15 2012

The Diablo 3 release date is getting closer everyday. The excitement is so think in the air you can taste it. If you aren't feeling it yet, make sure to check out the new gear videos on the Video Page showcasing unique gear sets for each class!

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Now is your best opportunity to become part of a vibrant community of players looking forward to May 15th. Join our player network now before Diablo 3 takes over your life. Make sure to take the Gamer Personality Test so you know what kind of player you are. This will also make it easier for other like minded players to find you!

Inferno Party Helps You Get The Best Diablo 3 Items

With Inferno Difficulty bringing a new level of challenge to Diablo 3 players, you're going to need a group of skilled adventurers to claim the most profitable rare and legendary items. Inferno Party is a Diablo 3 player network dedicated to bringing skilled players together and getting them ready for Inferno Difficulty. We'll provide you with the tools to kill the bosses, such as: Diablo 3 Guides, Diablo 3 Videos, and Player Search system. If you're serious about using the real currency auction house to make money, Inferno Party will be an invaluable tool. The most profitable items will drop in Inferno Difficulty, and it won't be easy without a high quality party.

Inferno Party gives you access to other tools to help get the most out of your game time, such as:

  • Epic Diablo 3 Videos - from PVP to Epic Boss Kills
  • Quality Game Guides - powerleveling, farming, pvp, character builds, etc.
  • Discussion Forum - find the latest strategies in the player based forum